Kenia Del Rosario
Designing experiences with empathy and purpose.



Strategic Design

Kenia Del Rosario is a designer who enjoys working on multi-faceted projects from brand development to digital experiences.

As Digital Creative Director at Segal Savad, Kenia partners with clients from various industries to set project goals and requirements, create meaningful design frameworks including wireframes and storyboards, detailed design documentation and presentations and provides client support from project inception to completion.

Before joining Segal Savad in 2013, Kenia worked at LF USA, (now Global Brands Group) as a designer on their marketing team where she focused on print, brand and social media for the fashion and home industries. Kenia graduated magna cum laude from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design and continues to study and learn as the design world continues to grow and evolve. 


The Details

Creative Direction.
Digital Strategy.
Leadership & Management.

UX/UI Design.
Branding & Editorial Design.

Drawing. Painting.
Book Binding.

Fluent in Spanish.